December 15, 2022

DMC Logistics

With a nationwide warehouse system, along with nearly 20 years of experience in logistics, DMC has affirmed its position in the market as a specialized transportation and forwarding service provider. leading industry, has been and is being trusted by customers for quality service and competitive price.

DMC provides all domestic and international shipping and forwarding services with diverse and closely linked services:
International shipping by sea, land and air

  • Import and Export Customs Service
  • Import and export cargo transportation services: FCL, LCL, ship leaving at ports, airports, border gates, important information points nationwide.
  • Domestic cargo transportation service by truck, container truck, tank truck
  • Providing warehouse systems, import and export management, loading and unloading, forklifts, ... serving a variety of different businesses in all industries.

In recent years, DMC has always improved the quality of services and set the goal of striving to become more and more perfect to become a leading quality transportation service provider. With a team of experienced personnel in the field of logistics along with modern and diverse facilities and facilities, we not only meet the needs of customers but also support to solve arising problems, advise customers on the best logistics solutions to cut costs, increase initiative in logistics planning.